Rapidly capture, gather and connect the information you need

Much of the information you need probably already exists somewhere in your business. The problem is normally that it lives in a variety of forms in a variety of places. EVA Netmodeler assists with integration, allowing you to import and merge this information into a consolidated repository.

Import from Spreadsheets

Spreadsheet data can be both imported and exported in CSV file format. This caters for both tabular data (e.g. applications and their characteristics), as well as matrix data (e.g. which business processes rely upon which applications). Data, which is accessible in other tools can usually be exported in XML.  EVA Netmodeler can, in turn, import suitably formatted XML thereby integrating information from different sources, in the repository. Both content information (your catalogues, matrices and models) and meta-model information can be easily imported or exchanged.

Capture, Edit, Link and Connect Information

EVA Netmodeler’s browser-based user interface offers a variety of form types so users can quickly and easily view,  capture, edit and link data items. It includes a “Spatial Browser”, which enables you to navigate directly to content areas.

Rich and Flexible Modelling

Graphical Modeler provides a rich and flexible environment to  capture, edit, link and view data items. A variety of diagram types are supported out-of-the-box.  New notations can be added as required. 
Not only is our Graphical Modeler capable of providing tailored visualisations but it is also a powerful analysis tool which allows interrogation of related information types, using expansion or drill-down techniques.