“Focus on your business and getting the benefits of modelling and knowledge management, as opposed to configuring tools, administration and worrying about technical infrastructure.”

(Graham McLeod, Chief Architect at Inspired)


Cloud-based or In-house Hosting

Using EVA Netmodeler’s cloud-based deployment (Software as a Service) option means you don’t need to worry about configuring tools, system administration, updates or technical infrastructure. We bundle setup costs and support, so there is one simple monthly charge. 
You can have a virtually "instant on" service, which you can deploy quickly and easily across your organisation (and beyond if you choose). It also means that you can scale quickly if you need to for an urgent project.
If you prefer, or are legally obliged to, you can host EVA Netmodeler on your own in-house server. In this case you need only commodity infrastructure (including web server, operating system and database).
Graphical Modelling is done via a cross-platform desktop application available for Windows, Mac, and Linux environments.


Choose Your Own Device

Cloud-based deployment means you can access your knowledge repository from anywhere in the world (provided you have access to the Internet), using your device of choice – such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone, running a popular and recently current Internet browser. This allows you to rapidly share up-to-date information with others and enable them to collaborate and be productive from wherever they are.


User Access Management is Quick and Easy

Adding users is as simple as creating a user ID and sending the person a URL to log on via the web. Security is comprehensive and easy to set up, so users only see what they are allowed to see and updates are properly managed and controlled.