"Don't Confuse Modelling and Diagramming"

We believe there is a fundamental difference between Modelling and Diagramming. Diagramming entails drawing freely without any constraints. Whilst this approach may seem to be the quick and easy route, as you are not burdened by any underlying rules, it will probably not contribute reusable content to your repository of knowledge.
“Proper models”, as developed using EVA Netmodeler’s Graphical Modeler application, are based on configurable model-type definitions, which define valid model concepts, relationships and notations, thus helping individuals and teams to create models that are consistently structured. And because modelled content is integrated with the knowledge repository, it forms part of analyses, reports and alternative visualisations. Model-types can be configured to address any layer of detail, and can cross domains.

Flexible Model Type Definitions

The Applied Solutions we offer leverage the Graphical Modeler’s rich and powerful features by providing you with a set of pre-defined, goal-specific diagram types out-of-the-box. 
Preparing a new or enhancing an existing out-of-the box model-type definition, to address your specific needs, is quick and easy.

Unlimited Graphical Modelling Notations

Graphical Modeler can support unlimited graphical modelling notations, using both bitmapped graphics (pictures, icons, scanned images) and vector symbols (crisp scalable boxes, shapes and drawings). This capability allows for flexible visualisations to suit different stakeholder needs.

Supports Common Modelling Standards

A number of standard modelling notations are pre-configured, such as Archimate and BPMN, as wells  as sub-sets of UML. Users can extend modelling notations to suit.