“It is vital to share current and accurate information rapidly in a form that is appropriate and accessible for the target audience”


The reporting functions are designed to save a great deal of effort and to enhance the usefulness of the knowledge gathered. Invaluable insight can be gained by simply seeing your information collated or presented in a particular way. 

Pre-packaged or Tailor-made Reports

Applied Solutions, offered through EVA Netmodeler, help accelerate value delivery, by including predefined sets of goal-specific reports.
EVA Netmodeler also offers you a browser-based Report Builder, enabling you to define and manage tailor made reports.
The Report Builder provides features such as applying filters, sorting rules and building hierarchical views without requiring any programming.


Browser-based Output or CSV File Exports

Generated reports are either rendered through your web browser - which means they’re also accessible through mobile devices, such as smartphones/tablets, or they can be exported as spreadsheet files (in CSV format).


Pre-packaged or Tailor-made Views

Similar to reports, each Applied Solution already includes predefined sets of goal-specific Custom Views. In addition, based on user access profiles, you may use the out-of-the-box Custom View Builder tools to tailor-make your own views (without programming).
Available visualisation techniques include (but are not limited to) Bubble Charts, Dendograms, Gap Analysis, Milestone Reports, Radial Charts (Kiviat Diagrams), Table Matrices, Three Concept Types Matrices, Tree Hierarchy Reports, or Tree (Pack) Map Reports.


Develop Your Own Custom Views

For advanced users, EVA Netmodeler provides an environment to develop your own Custom Views (without any need for compilation) – also permitting you to implement views built using popular visualisation engines such as Roassal or Data-Driven Documents (D3). Custom Views are rendered through your web browser, so they’re also accessible through mobile devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets).