“Any tool should be useful in the expected way, but a truly great tool lends itself to uses you never expected”

(Eric Raymond, from “The Cathedral and the Bazaar”)

Auto Generated Graphical Views

A series of browser front-ends permits you to toggle between alternative views of selected data items.  Browser types include Worksheets, Cross Reference Tables, auto-generated Graphical Views, Context Models and Spatial Views.  There are over  15 Browser types  available but in many cases only a sub-set of Browser types will be allocated to specific user communities in order to reduce complexity and facilitate navigation.

Create Composite Documents

The Composite Document Editor is a powerful feature, allowing you to quickly and easily create comprehensive documents using inter-related items in the repository. This feature essentially allows you to “follow items through the meta-model”, selecting the item types, attributes and relationships of interest along the way.  Once the information extraction path has been defined, reports can be generated for viewing, printing or exportation.

Tailor-made Custom Views

The Custom View tools enable you to tailor-make your own views. Available visualisation techniques include (but are not limited to) Bubble Charts, Dendograms, Gap Analysis, Milestone Reports, Radial Charts (Kiviat Diagrams), Table Matrices, Three Concept Types Matrices, Tree Hierarchy Reports, or Tree (Pack) Map Reports. The functionality offered ranges from pre-configured Applied Solutions, to Custom View Builders (enabling you to build views without programming), to an environment where you can develop your own. The latter permits you to implement views built using popular visualisation engines such as Roassal or Data-Driven Documents (D3).