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Duration 4.5 days

Brief Description

The course is designed for senior business analysts, enterprise architects, strategists and executives who are, or who will become, actively involved in modeling, analysing and shaping the future of businesses and their strategic use of Information and Communication Technologies. It is a skills course rather than a methodology course, designed to expose participants to leading techniques and ways of presenting models and results of analyses. It draws on our 25+ years experience in business and academia as well as industry best practice to deliver a valuable set of tools to equip business architects.

What Differentiates this Course?

Many courses teach the overall agenda or approach to business architecture (what should you do), but there are precious few that show you how! This course aims to equip delegates with real skills and techniques to deliver results and help their organisations leverage powerful concepts, models, techniques and analyses to make better decisions, take advantage of opportunities and minimise risk.

Intended Audience

Typical candidates would include enterprise architects, senior business analysts, strategists and potentially programme and portfolio managers.

Course Overview

Drawing upon strategic planning, enterprise architectures, design concepts, organisation design, learning organisations and several other disciplines, the course provides a set of techniques which assist the business architect in understanding the context, the challenges, the opportunities, the risks and the strategic options of an enterprise and fashioning a coherent architecture and plan to realise the organisation’s vision. 
Case study work in small teams will allow delegates to perform analysis and come up with architectures and strategies. Teams will compete and learn from each other before experiencing another facet of the challenge. 
The course stresses holistic consideration of and the interplay of the many facets that affect the outcome of an architecture. 

Business Architecture

Business Architecture is concerned with the modeling, analysis and design of the business domain of the enterprise. It includes the context in which the enterprise operates, the products and services offered, the stakeholders we deal with, the value chains and networks, business functions, processes and organization structures. It can also include analysis of costs, risks and quality aspects. It is essential to the understanding of business to successfully transform to meet challenges and opportunities in the future as well as to communicate and transfer the strategic thinking to the implementation and operational levels of the business, including information technology functions.

Typical Coverage

Course content includes (subject to change)

  • The scope, content and contribution of Enterprise Architecture
  • The scope, content, positioning and contribution of Business Architecture
  • Design thinking
  • Industry developments, available methods, techniques and notations
  • Understanding the context and the scope
    • Context and Stakeholder Analysis
    • Value Chain and Value Network Analysis
  • Understanding the Interaction and Value Exchange
    • Customers, Markets and Brands
    • Products and Services
    • Channels and Interfaces
    • Customer Experience
  • Understanding the Dynamics
    • Business Events
    • Business Services
    • Business Fuctions
    • Business Processes
    • Business Models
    • Change and Agility
    • Optimization and Efficiency
  • The Human, Political and Fiscal Dimensions
    • Organization structures and models
    • Analysing Politics and Agendas
    • Costs and Investment
    • Risk and Governance
  • The Static Dimension
    • Business Object Domain Modeling
    • Meta Data
    • Content Architecture
  • Initiatives and Portfolios
  • Marketing and Communication


Delegates may do an optional examination on the final day. Those passing the exam will be certified as Inspired Business Architects (Probationary).

Probationary qualification can be upgraded to Certified following: 

  • Minimum six months application of the business architecture techniques
  • Submission of a portfolio of business architecture deliverables produced
  • Interview with respect to business architecture knowledge and application

Provided Materials

Enterprise Architecture as Strategy

Delegates will be provided with:

  • High quality notes and links to media and references to pursue further investigation
  • An electronic copy of the book: Enterprise Architecture as Strategy by Jeanne Ross, Peter Weill and David Robertson

Location, Costs and Dates

This course is offered in the UK, Germany and South Africa. It may be extended to other locations in future. Please see schedule for dates, locations and price in local currency. Course can be offered through an online / webinar mode under right circumstances. Please contact for more details.

“TOGAF might give you the roadmap, this teaches you how to drive”
“Great to finally understand how to do it”
“Multiple perspectives well explained. Now we can stop arguing over whether SOA or Process Modeling is the ‘right’ way - they are sides of the same coin”
“My head is full - in a good way”
“Gives me confidence to work with senior managers - can now talk business and draw the picture”
“Design thinking holds great promise for innovative solutions”
“Excellent and dynamically presented. Thanks!”