It’s harder  starting from scratch – our pre-populated models allow users to hit the tarmac running

An essential part of Knowledge Management is to define a Framework or Meta Model, which can help you to cope with the complexity and sheer volume of information and inter-relationships. In simple terms: you need to specify the information concepts you want to store, the details/ attributes you want to store for these concepts, as well as the relationships between concepts. Configuring the framework in a tool, such as EVA Netmodeler, makes it possible to dramatically accelerate  Data Gathering, Analyses (including identifying relationships and dependencies that might otherwise be overlooked), Visualising and Sharing findings.

Applied Solution Meta Models

Each Applied Solution comes with a pre-populated meta model.  The entities and relationships, making up the meta model, are pre-defined in order to provide both a more rapid means of information gathering, and to provide an example base for easy engagement with the stakeholder communities. 


Industry Model Library

You can make a start with the models that come with each Applied Solution, or you can select best practice Industry Models, or you can use a selection drawn from our model library.  Not only can you modify the models to suit, you can also modify the notation used to define the meta-model entities and  relationships. 


Easy to Add, Delete and Change

Changes to the meta model are made using the Internet browser-based front-end, or the desktop Graphical Modeller, without any programming or systems downtime and changes are immediately available to the user community.